Supplier Partnership

Aqua is committed to providing quality water and wastewater services while meeting all applicable public health and environmental quality standards. We focus on investing in system improvements, including the rehabilitation and replacement of key infrastructure and plants.

To keep those improvements moving, Aqua supports procurement practices that make sure materials and services are provided in a timely, quality and cost-effective manner. Aqua’s employees provide vital services and infrastructure support to our customers and consumers, and we want to make sure that we support our employees with effective procurement policies and strong supplier partnerships.

Sustainability and resiliency are also deeply engrained in our business strategy. We encourage all Aqua Suppliers to read our Sustainability and Environmental Policy and align with its principles. Our goal is to use resources wisely, care for the environment, and continuously improve ourselves and our company. We expect our Suppliers to join us in our efforts to be careful and committed stewards of the environment. We also expect that our Suppliers, in turn, extend these principles and commitments to their own Suppliers.

To learn more about the code of conduct that we expect all of our suppliers to follow, click below.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Diversity

Aqua is committed to having certified minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), woman-owned business enterprises (WBE), veteran-owned business enterprises (VBE), person with disabilities-owned business enterprises (PDBE), and LGBT-owned business enterprises fully participate in the procurement process.

Learn About Our Diverse Suppliers