Willistown deserves safe, reliable wastewater management

The costs of wastewater systems are rising fast. Unfunded mandates. Rising labor and material costs. Stricter regulations. Expensive expertise to handle modern challenges.

And for Willistown, there’s more – you’ve had sanitary sewage pipe breaks and contamination during periods of heavy rain since 1999.   

Willistown made the right decision to sell this wastewater system. And Aqua has the expertise to help address these needs while keeping rates reasonable.

Let’s talk about rates  

We expect rates for Willistown to be $82.79 per month, or $248.37 per quarter, based on Willistown’s average consumption of 4,000 gallons per month. Any other claims you see are not based on the facts of your wastewater system. Every wastewater system is different, and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission sets rates based on facts.

Willistown gets many benefits by selling to Aqua 

  • Safe, reliable wastewater management. As a regulated utility, we must meet stricter quality and operations standards.
  • Economies of scale. Willistown will benefit in multiple ways when infrastructure improvements for water and wastewater systems can be completed together including less disruptions and lower costs.
  • Transfer of financial risk from Willistown municipal budget to Aqua. With a sale, Willistown will no longer be exposed to these unpredictable financial, environmental and operational risks of your current wastewater treatment approach. Consider that a single unexpected water main break costs an average of $250,000 to fix – that’s money that would need to be diverted from other priorities.
  • Guaranteed improvements to the wastewater system. Thanks to our size and scale, Aqua expect to invest $3.3 million over the next 10 years to improve the wastewater treatment plant and keep it in compliance with state and Federal regulations. We will also use key technologies like a closed-circuit television system to improve real-time monitoring.
  • Financial support programs for customers who have trouble paying their bills. We live here too, and we know that everyone needs a little help sometimes. That’s why we expanded our universal customer assistance program for Pennsylvania. There are many types of assistance available.
  • The help of a trusted neighbor. We’re from here and currently serve more than 1.5 million people across the Commonwealth.
We look forward to serving Willistown’s wastewater management needs with the same level of clean, safe, reliable water service we currently provide here.


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