With our team of scientists, engineers and sustainability and environmental advocates, Aqua continues to innovate and invest in our technology and infrastructure. Our goal every day is to fulfill our mission of protecting and providing Earth's most essential resource.

Water Quality Reports

All water utilities must provide annual water quality reports, or Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs), to customers as a way to inform about the quality of their drinking water supply.

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Addressing Water Quality Challenges

  • Naturally Occurring Elements

    There are various elements and minerals that are naturally occurring in groundwater, rivers, lakes, streams, wells, even in the soil. Learn more about a few of these elements and minerals.

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  • Taste & Odor in Drinking Water

    On rare occasions, you might notice uncommon tastes and odors in your drinking water. Read on to learn how tastes and odors develop in water, and the testing and treatment methods Aqua uses when these problems occur.

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  • Pathogens

    Water may contain pathogens such as bacteria (coliform, viruses) and parasites (giardia). Aqua uses chlorine to disinfect the drinking water. This disinfection process is called chloramination.

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  • PFAS

    PFAS are man-made chemicals that can leach into groundwater. Read on for more on what we're doing to ensure the safety and quality of our customers' drinking water each and every day.

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  • Lead

    Lead is typically not found in public water distribution systems; however it can easily leach into water if present in service lines, solder, and/or plumbing fixtures at the home. Aqua regularly tests water within the communities it serves to determine if lead is present.

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  • How Customers can Help

    You can help impact the water within your own home, as well as help protect our precious water resources as a whole.

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The Water Cycle: From Source to Tap

  • The Water Cycle

    Do you know what happens from water source — whether it's groundwater or surface water — to your tap? Read on to learn more about the water cycle, the various sources of water, and how these sources are treated.

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  • Water Sources and Typical Treatment

    Our water is obtained from surface water (streams, river, and reservoirs) and groundwater (wells). To assure that water quality meets regulatory requirements and is protective of human health, it must be treated using various processes.

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