Improvements & Investing

At Aqua Pennsylvania, providing quality water and wastewater service are our highest priorities – and we’ve been providing these services for more than 135 years. We strive every day to listen to our customers and invest in the safest, most up-to-date technology, infrastructure improvements and enhancements that benefit our customers and their daily lives.

Improvements We’ve Made

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated its health advisory concerning levels of biochemical contaminants called perfluorochemicals (PFAS) within drinking water. Since then, Aqua has invested millions of dollars into our Pennsylvania communities to ensure that our methods to combat PFAS outperform all federal and state guidelines and that our water remains safe for our consumers. In addition, we regularly perform upgrades to our infrastructure and technology to lead the way in clean water distribution.

Examples include:

  • Filter installations, upgrades, and other water quality improvements to remove more than 4,000 known PFAS and improve water quality
  • Complete engineering evaluations of the Neshaminy water treatment plant
  • Continuous evaluation of alternative treatment options, including ion exchange resins and other advanced technologies
  • Wastewater system repairs and replacements to help prevent sewage backups into your home
  • Wastewater facility and treatment upgrades to prevent overflows, protect local waterways, and meet regulatory requirements

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