Aqua Aid Pennsylvania

Aqua Aid Pennsylvania is an assistance program designed to help customers in need receive uninterrupted water service.

About Aqua Aid Pennsylvania 

The program is focused on customers within the communities Aqua serves and is funded by generous donations from our shareholders and Aqua Pennsylvania customers like you. That way, neighbors can help neighbors in their own communities. One hundred percent of each donation goes directly to those who need it, and the contribution is tax deductible. 

In addition to financial assistance, customers can learn about home efficiency, equipment responsibility and more through Aqua’s Guides and Tips

How are funds awarded and disbursed? 

When a customer contacts Aqua to request assistance, they are screened for eligibility by a member of our team. Upon approval, credits are applied electronically to the customer’s account.

To learn more and apply please contact our team at or call 412-208-6818. 


How do I make a donation? 

  • Simply fill out the Aqua Aid donation form
  • Provide your Aqua account number, name and address 
  • Select the frequency (one-time contribution or monthly) and amount of your donation. 

 How much can I donate? 

 The Aqua Aid program accepts donations starting at $1, although customers can choose to donate more. Donations can be set up as a one-time contribution or as a recurring monthly transaction. 

Not a customer of Aqua but want to donate? 

Make checks payable to: 

Aqua Pennsylvania
Attn: Aqua Aid
762 West Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010