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Want to improve your home's efficiency, learn about HomeServe protection plans or what equipment is your responsibility?

Aqua can help. Our experts are here to inform and help to make sure your systems are running as safely and sustainably as possible.

And, whether you're a renter or homeowner, it's important to know which parts of your water or wastewater system are your responsibility, and information around how to help protect some of your home systems if necessary. Let's dive in.

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Identifying Aqua Employees

Protect yourself from imposters by properly identifying Aqua employees

At Aqua, our top priority is to provide clean, safe, reliable water and wastewater services to our customers. We also want to our customers from imposters by helping properly identify Aqua employees.

When will Aqua visit my home?

Typically Aqua will need to gain access to your home for service or to exchange a meter, or to respond to a problem you’re aware of ahead of time. In most instances, we’ll schedule an appointment and you’ll know to expect us.

There are a few instances in which Aqua employees could make an unannounced visit:

  • We could visit to make you aware of an unscheduled service outage, such as a main break. In this case, the employee would not need to access the inside of your home.
  • We could make an unannounced visit to investigate a property that has had multiple "zero usage" bills or an account that has not had a meter read for more than 45 days. In these cases, the employee would have an Aqua photo identification card.
  • If a meter reader has trouble getting remote meter read from outside your home, an employee might ask to enter you home to read the meter, in which case they would present their photo identification card.

Regardless of if the appointment is scheduled or unannounced, we always want you to confirm the person who comes to your property is an Aqua representative.

How do I identify an Aqua employee?

Here’s how you can spot an Aqua employee:

  • They drive company vehicles (mostly white Chevrolets) with the Aqua logo 
  • They are dressed in company uniforms with the Aqua logo
  • They carry photo identification with the Aqua logo.

Employees should introduce themselves to the property owner and voluntarily present their photo identification cards. In a rare instance an employee doesn’t share an ID card, you should ask to see it.

If you are ever uncomfortable with the person who comes to your door or the reason they give you for the visit, please call our customer service team at 877.987.2782 to have both the visit and the name of the employee confirmed before allowing entry to your home.

At Aqua, our customers' safety is our top priority. Contact our customer service team at 877.987.2782 for more information.

Division of Responsibilities

Much of the equipment we use to provide water and wastewater services is located beneath the ground, and it can be difficult for customers to determine what equipment is their responsibility and what equipment is Aqua’s responsibility. The following water and wastewater diagrams and descriptions help explain the equipment used to provide service and ownership clarification.



Protection Plans from HomeServe

The water and sewer service lines on your property are your financial responsibility, and they can fail unexpectedly. Aqua partners with HomeServe so we can offer our customers protection from the cost and inconvenience of dealing with unexpected line repairs. 

Customer's Water Line Responsibility

The Customer Service Line and Meter Pit are owned and maintained by you, the customer:

  • Customer Service Line: Extends from the curb stop or curb line to the building.
  • Meter Pit: Houses the water meter outside of the customer's home at an underground location. Customers are responsible for keeping the pit visible and for all plumbing within the pit.

Why Should You Protect Your Lines?

When water and sewer service lines fail, repairs will require time and money. Protection Plans from HomeServe were created to take care of customers when the unexpected happens. Coverage will provide you peace of mind knowing:

  • You'll be able to call to schedule a repair
  • Covered repairs or replacements to your lines are included (coverage is based on the program you enroll in).
  • Work is completed by a qualified professional from the HomeServe network.

More on the Protections Plans from HomeServe can be found here.

Coverage subject to eligibility requirements, exclusions, waiting period and terms and conditions. For additional information and/or to sign up online, call 888.666.7711 or visit

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