Lake Monticello

Lake Monticello Water and Wastewater Systems

Aqua Virginia has had the honor of serving Lake Monticello and surrounding communities since 2003. Our award-winning water and wastewater systems are relied on to bring safe, reliable water to local residents – and our team takes that responsibility very seriously.

Over the past few months, Aqua Virginia has been working with the team at Lake Monticello Owners Association (LMOA) and their water workgroup to increase communications between Aqua and your community. Our goal is to share information about what is happening in our water and wastewater systems to keep you up to date on important information, new projects, routine maintenance activities, and how we can work together to protect our water and natural resources.

You can find more on Aqua’s activities in your community below.

Our water system is providing safe drinking water that meets state permit requirements, and our wastewater treatment plant is compliant with state requirements and effectively protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 

Last year we experienced several Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), which prompted our review of both our operations and the customer connections supplying our wastewater flow. From that we identified areas where we can proactively improve our system, and are taking action on them:

  • Enhancing our monitoring through remote monitoring and smart cover installation
  • Enhancing our collection system maintenance with the purchase of equipment to provide more frequent maintenance and faster emergency response
  • Studying our capacity and expanding our wastewater treatment plant
  • Launching our Grease Trap Inspection Program and taking necessary action when we find commercial customers are not in compliance with program rules

We’re also asking our customers to make sure they’re not putting our system at risk for SSOs – there are small changes to behaviors that can make a big difference:

  • Keep fats, oils, grease from going down your sink drain and only flush toilet paper down the toilet
  • Do not flush diapers, rags and wipes – even if they say that they are flushable
  • Do not dispose of trash, pet waste, or dirty diapers on the beach and areas in and around the lake or near storm drains
  • For public and commercial food service establishments, follow our Grease Trap Inspection Program protocols
  • You can find much more in the sections linked below

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