Start Feeling Festive with These DIY Fall Drinks

Certain tastes can transport you back in time to your childhood or evoke some of your favorite memories, especially surrounding the holiday season. Did you know that you can make your favorite festive drinks from the comfort of your own home? 

Satisfy your taste buds while staying safe by becoming your very own barista. Try out these four DIY drink recipes that all have one thing in common: water! 


Nothing says autumn has arrived quite like a hot mug of apple cider. Make this fall classic with only four ingredients and a slow cooker. All you need is apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks, and—of course—water!

1. Place everything in the slow cooker.
2. Add water. Use enough to cover the fruit.
3. Cook for 6–7 hours on low heat or 3 hours on high heat.
4. Mash the fruits. Take a giant spoon and begin mashing up all those warm apples and oranges. 
5. Simmer. Allow this liquid mash to simmer for another hour.
6. Strain. Use a fine mesh sieve to strain the cider.


Fall hasn’t started until pumpkin spice enters the picture. This easy DIY recipe allows you to make a syrup to put in any of your coffee drinks for that extra fall flair to your caffeine fix. The basic ratio for a simple syrup is one-part sugar and one-part water. You’ll need equal parts brown sugar and water, pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, ginger root, vanilla bean paste, and whole cloves.

1. Heat. Heat the brown sugar and water together until dissolved.
2. Add remaining ingredients. Add the pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, paste, and cloves to the mix.
3. Simmer. Allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes. 
4. Pour. Pour through a fine mesh strainer and you’re set!


Nothing warms the body and soul more than a mug of hot chocolate. Grab a blanket, turn on your favorite holiday movie, and get cozy. A single serving ready in just 2 minutes? Yes, please! All you need is 10 oz. of hot water just off the boil, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of half and half, and a dash of salt. 

1. Add all dry ingredients into a mug of hot water. 
2. Stir.
3. Add desired amount of half and half.


Even though you can enjoy it all year long, there’s something special about sparkling cider in the fall. Plus, it makes the perfect non-alcoholic drink for the kids to toast later in the holiday season on New Year’s Eve! Make this fizzy favorite with four ingredients and a freezer. You need frozen apple juice concentrate, frozen white grape fruit concentrate, lemon-lime soda, and ice. 

1. Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl.
2. Serve

These four DIY drinks will set the mood and have you feeling festive in no time. Water you waiting for?