Aqua Pennsylvania is Lending a Hand To Costumers

As COVID-19 continues to financially impact businesses and families in our communities, Aqua Pennsylvania is reminding customers that its Helping Hand assistance program is available to help those whose finances are affected by the pandemic.

The Helping Hand program is an assistance program designed to enable customers facing financial difficulty to make manageable monthly payments on their water and wastewater bills. This program is a resource for customers if they are having trouble paying their water and wastewater bills due to COVID-19.

“At Aqua, we know how important water and wastewater services are to meet our customers’ needs,” said Aqua Pennsylvania President Marc Lucca. “As COVID-19 continues to impact our everyday lives, we want our customers and communities to know that Aqua is here to assist through the Helping Hand program. We are here to offer our support and we will get through this together.”

The program helps customers set up an individualized payment plan; an opportunity for customers who make payments on time to earn a monthly credit toward their past-due balances; and a conservation kit to help customers reduce water usage to lower bills. The conservation kit includes leak-detection tablets, a low-flow shower head, low-flow aerators for kitchen faucets and more.

Aqua Pennsylvania will partner eligible customers with a local agency to develop a personal payment plan. In this plan, a customer will pay a fixed monthly payment based on average bills for the preceding 12-month period. Specific Helping Hand partner agencies can be found on our website.

Customers whose household income meet the criteria below are eligible to participate in Helping Hand:


*For a limited time, new Helping Hand participants receive an $25 enrollment credit. 

Aqua Pennsylvania wants customers to know the company is here to help and that applying to Helping Hand is easier than ever. Customers who would like to learn more about the program and to find out if they qualify can call: 877.987.2782.

Customers who would like to lend a hand to their friends and neighbors, can donate to the Helping Hand program by calling Aqua and asking how they can contribute to the assistance program. 

Our company takes pride in protecting and providing water and wastewater services to the communities where we live and work and we are ready to assist customers during this time. To learn more about Helping Hand, visit