Love Poems About Water

February is the month of love, and since there’s nothing we love more than water, we decided that it should be our valentine this year. To celebrate, we thought we’d get a little cheesy with some love poems to show water just how much we appreciate everything it does for us.

Join us in the love fest below!


Our favorite drink is water
Because it tastes so great.
We always have our bottles,
It’s so easy to hydrate.

When we want to mix it up,
We’ll add a bag and make some tea.
A splash of milk, a squirt of lemon,
It’s delicious as can be.

Water keeps our bodies moving
And for that we’re very glad.
It’s always there when we need it,
It’s the best drink we’ve ever had.


We love that water washes away
The mud and sweat that surrounds us all day
Water is the best
For every kind of mess
It’s essential in every single way


A little drop of toothpaste
And a splash of water too,
I’m always in a happy haste
To get my teeth clean as new.

Brushing helps my breath smell good,
Toothpaste keeps my teeth white.
My smile looks just how it should,
Because water helps me brush right.


Every Sunday afternoon
The machine fills with dirty clothes,
But not without water.

Soap goes in
And stains come out, 
But not without water.

Garments swirl around
With detergent and fabric softener,
But not without water.

The clothes are clean
And ready to wear again,
But not without water.


Help us spread the love by thinking about how important water is to you. Which of your daily activities would be impossible without water? 

Happy Valentine’s Day from Aqua. We love water—and you too!