DIY Summer Hacks to Keep Cool and Have Fun

The start of summer is always exciting! The weather is growing warmer, the school year has wrapped up, and parents are preparing to have the kids at home for a couple of months. But if you’re one of those parents, preparing to keep the kids busy until September may be daunting. Don’t worry — we have some water-based activities to keep your family cool and entertained, plus some tips and tricks to make your summer fun stress-free.

Water-ful Activities for Summer Fun

Water balloon fight: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Buy some water balloons just about anywhere, fill ‘em up, and let the kids run wild. For a little bit more organized fun, try water balloon games like hot potato, or organize the family into teams for water balloon dodgeball! Just don’t forget to clean up the empty balloons when you’re done so backyard critters don’t eat them.

Sponge relay race: For this activity, grab four buckets, two sponges, and divide the group into two teams. Each team will have one empty bucket and one bucket full of water, and the buckets should be placed several feet apart. Your task is to soak up water with the sponge, relay it to the empty bucket, and squeeze out the sponge into the empty bucket. The team with the most water added to the empty bucket wins!

Homemade slip ‘n’ slide: Grab a long, sturdy piece of plastic (such as a tarp), and lay your hose at the top for some instant summer fun. For a true water park feel, align your sprinkler on the side of the slip ‘n’ slide so it adds a little extra fun on the way down.

Pro tip: Adding a bit of dish soap or baby soap makes for an extra slippery and bubbly ride!

Tips for Easy Summer Days

Baby powder: You may be surprised to find that baby powder is actually the perfect way to remove sand from your skin. No more sandy car rides after long days at the beach. It also soaks up sweat and helps prevent chafing!

Frozen aloe vera: If you were having fun in the sun for a bit too long and got sunburnt, try freezing aloe vera in an ice cube tray! Once it’s frozen, rub the aloe vera ice cubes on your skin for some chilling relief.

Plastic bags: If you’ve ever brought your phone to the beach, you’ve likely struggled to get sand out of the camera, speaker, and headphone jack. On your next trip to the beach, place your phone in a plastic sandwich bag to keep sand, water, and sunscreen off your device. Here’s a plus: You can still use the touchscreen through the plastic bag!

All of these activities and tips will make for smooth sailing this summer. Remember to practice water safety and lather up with some sunscreen to enjoy long and sunny summer days. Stay cool and have fun!