Fun and easy ways to get your kids into the H20 habit

During the hot summer months, it’s important to ensure kids drink enough liquids to stay hydrated throughout the day. Developing healthy water habits is crucial for staying energetic and alert, and can affect the dietary habits of your child for years to come. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to get your kids into the H20 habit. 

Invest in a fun water bottle or silly straws

Investing in a fun, reusable water bottle featuring your child’s favorite cartoon character makes drinking water far more interesting. Plus, your child can always go the water fountain for a quick refill. And what about all those silly straws? There’s something exciting about using a straw rather than simply drinking out of a cup. With all the new straw designs, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Prepare tasty popsicles

After a long school day, it’s hard not to crave some sugar. Take advantage of your child’s sweet tooth by making water-based popsicles. Simply mix a little juice with tap water and treat your child to this tasty yet healthy snack. By the time your child finishes playing outside in the sun, the popsicles should be ready to eat and you can offer them as a snack.

Water Tracker

Create a chart with every family member’s name and place a golden star sticker next to the name of whoever drinks an 8-ounce glass of H20. Keep track of how much water your child is drinking by the amount of stars earned at the end of each week.

Serve water with meals

Replace sugary beverages like juice and soda with water. This is the simplest way to prevent temptation by reducing other available options. During breakfast, be sure that your child drinks at least one glass of water to sustain hydration and energy. Not only can dehydration cause fatigue, but it can also trigger various health issues. Make sure your child also drinks water during lunch and dinner, especially if they’re spending time outside.

Just add fruit!

Adding a few slices of fruit to tap water instantly adds some flavor (and extra vitamins, too)! Squeeze some lemon for a fresh zesty taste or add in slices of your child’s favorite fruits for a splash of sweetness, creating a tasty flavor without all the unnecessary ingredients and processing.