Become a Hydrant Hero – Commit to Clearing Your Local Fire Hydrant and Help Protect Your Home and Community

Become a Hydrant Hero

In a fire emergency, the fire department must locate and quickly access fire hydrants.

Whether you love it or hate it, snow brings a touch of unpredictability when it falls. A beautiful backyard oasis or prime skiing spot can turn deadly in the event of an emergency.

Aqua is partnering with local fire departments and municipalities to spread the word about the simple lifesaving step of clearing a path to your nearest fire hydrant when it snows. You can help reduce the risk by keeping fire hydrants accessible and clear of snow and ice.

One of the first things firefighters do upon arriving at a fire scene is connect hoses to the nearest hydrant but being able to locate and access the hydrant is paramount. Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed or difficult to access can impede emergency fire response, and when fires double in size each minute that passes, minutes are critical.

Snow should be cleared at least three feet around the hydrant, and a path should be cleared from the nearest roadway to the hydrant. This allows firefighters the room needed to access the hydrant and connect hoses.

It is generally considered the responsibility of the property owner to clear snow from a hydrant in front of their home or business, but we encourage you to adopt the nearest hydrant regardless of location, especially for elderly friends or neighbors. The few minutes it takes you to shovel a path to the hydrant can truly be the difference in a fire emergency. When we all pitch in together to care for our community, we all thrive.