Honoring Women's History Month at Essential

Every year, the month of March is proclaimed as Women’s History Month in the U.S., with the focus on honoring women’s contributions in American history.  What initially started as a week-long local celebration in Santa Rosa, California in 1978, was quickly recognized nationally beginning in 1980, with the support of President Jimmy Carter.  In 1987, Congress passed a law designating March as “Women’s History Month;” it has been celebrated as such ever since.

At Essential Utilities, we’re proud to create an environment where women can bring their authentic selves to work, have their voices and perspectives heard at every level, and feel empowered to navigate through professional development and career advancement opportunities.  We celebrate and support women working in our industry, which is historically male-dominated, and seek to share stories of resilience, growth, and success to continue inspiring women for years to come. 

To continue our weekly spotlight, this week we are featuring Aimee and Sarah who serve as leaders on the gas and water sides of the buisness. 

Aimee is a Manager, Pipeline Project Management located in Pennsylvania. She has been with the organization for over 15 years. Her responsibilities include leading a team that develops and maintains construction operations schedules for multiple short - and long-term pipeline replacement programs; including monitoring mileage production and resources, capital budget spend and repair tax goals.

Sarah is a Manager, Customer Care Operations located in Pennsylvania. She has been with the organization for over 11 years. Her responsibilities include overseeing Aqua's billing, cash, collections and customer care operations. 

Why is it important to take time to reflect, think back and celebrate Women’s History Month?

A: It is important to reflect on and celebrate how women’s roles have evolved over time, and how that has shaped our culture and society today. It also gives the opportunity to see historical events from another perspective.

S: It is important to me to see how far women have come over the years. When you look back at what women have accomplished over the last 100 years, it Is inspiring to me as a woman. By reflecting on our history, it allows for women to continue to strive to be treated equitably. 

In your own words – what is Women’s History Month? What does it mean to you?  

A: Women, whether professionally or personally, have impacted each and every one of us. Women’s history month is an opportunity to recognize those women, their strengths, and the role they played in shaping you.

S: Women’s history month is a time to encourage and celebrate women. As a woman in a leadership role, it is a reminder that the women in the past have worked hard to allow me to have the opportunities I have today. While this is a specific month to celebrate and recognize women, this is something that is important every day of the year.

What is the best part about working at Essential Utilities? Why do you stay?

A: There are so many people, departments, and processes that all have to work together consistently to be able to provide a safe reliable product for the thousands of customers we serve. It’s exciting and fulfilling to be an integral part of that on a daily basis.

S: The best parts of working at Essential are the people and the work we do. Early in my career at Aqua I had the opportunity to visit each of the divisions throughout the 8 states, that helped me build relationships from the start. I stay because I value the work, being able to make improvements that benefit the employee and customer experience is extremely rewarding.

Why should others consider a career with Essential?

A: Essential focuses on empowering their employees by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and development at all levels, and also encourages all employees to help the communities in which we live and work.

S: Others should consider a career with Essential because they invest in their employees and give them the tools needed to further their skills and advance their careers.

How does the Company foster an environment of diversity and inclusion?

A: Diversity and inclusion are embedded into Essential's core values and makes it a top priority by promoting employee resource groups and organizations, encouraging a sense of community among all employees, and welcoming perspectives to be shared in the workplace.

S: Essential encourages feedback from their employees through culture surveys and town halls meetings. They also provide the opportunity for employees to join Resource Groups that give them a safe place to talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.