It's Hurricane Season

Let’s Weather Hurricane Season Together

Hurricane Idalia is fast approaching, and we are here to provide tips to help prepare before the storm impacts your community.  

Aqua is committed to encouraging customers to prepare for these storms ahead of time in order to ensure safety later. When it comes to water, Aqua does everything in our power to remain operational during inclement weather, however, there is the potential of power outages which can sometimes disrupt routine drinking water delivery and the ability to treat and pump wastewater. 

Here’s a few tips from Aqua to get prepared: 

  1. Before a storm, make sure to save water for essential use by filling empty pitchers and pots — even bathtubs can be used to store water in case service is interrupted.  
  2. Sign up for Aqua’s WaterSmart alerts, an automated service designed for quick, reliable communication about water quality and service in case of disruption. Aqua’s WaterSmart alerts are delivered by phone, text or email.  
  3. If you are under a boil water advisory or system pressure advisory after Aqua restores service, disinfect tap water by boiling it. Purify all water that could be ingested—through uses such as drinking, cooking, brushing teeth or making ice—by bringing it to a rolling boil for two minutes and letting it cool. It is better that young infants and pregnant women use bottled or stored water instead of boiled tap water whenever possible for drinking and cooking until the boil water advisory or system pressure advisory is lifted. 
  4. Create an emergency plan for evacuating your household, gathering necessary supplies and communicating with family and friends. Rehearsing this plan is always a good idea. 
  5. Check your health and home insurance policies to better understand coverage and put aside funds in case of emergency. 

Small acts can really make a huge impact when it comes to keeping you and your families safe. Remember that you can always reach our customer service team by calling 877.897.2782.