Aqua PA to replace lead pipes

Aqua Pennsylvania receives $6 million from PENNVEST to replace customer-owned lead pipes in West Chester

Aqua Pennsylvania announced recently it has secured Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) funding to replace customer-owned service lines containing lead or galvanized pipes in the West Chester service area.

The proactive infrastructure project will replace more than 18,000 feet of service line, which transport water from pipes in the street to a customer’s home, in West Chester Borough, West Goshen Township, East Bradford Township, East Marlborough Township, Pocopson Township and Westtown Township in Chester County.

Lead and galvanized pipes, which are prone to corrosion, will be replaced over the next several years with a safer material to eliminate a source of lead exposure. Aqua Pennsylvania currently has a Lead Service Line Replacement Program that supports customers in replacing impacted service lines at no direct cost to them; this new funding will help to expedite the program with long-term savings for the company and its ratepayers.

Aqua will begin to survey approximately 11,500 homes to determine impacted pipes. As pipes are identified, customers will receive more information from the survey team and to sign up for pipe replacement.

“Aqua Pennsylvania employees continue to aggressively seek out opportunities to serve our customers by investing in infrastructure improvements with funding from PENNVEST,” said Aqua Pennsylvania President Marc Lucca. “We thank PENNVEST for its support as this funding helps improve drinking water quality in our region at no direct cost to the customer, through the replacement of customer-owned service lines. This funding helps us balance the need for extensive infrastructure investment while offering excellent customer service at affordable rates.”

Over the past several years, Aqua Pennsylvania has secured more than $16 million in funding from PENNVEST, helping alleviate the cost of infrastructure replacement for Aqua ratepayers. This includes two grants to eliminate PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” in three well stations in southeast Pennsylvania, and funding to expand the company’s electric vehicle fleet as part of its aggressive companywide emissions reduction goal.