Aqua OH Massillon Main Replacement

The mile-long project Along Lincoln Way East In Massillon will enhance reliability and fire protection.

February 6, 2024 -- Aqua is announcing plans to replace 5,450 linear feet of water main in Massillon. Work will follow Lincoln Way East from Tremont Avenue Southeast and continue east to Elizabeth Avenue Southwest.

“With this project we’ll replace more than a mile of a water main that is nearly 100 years old,” said Keith Nutter, Aqua’s Area Manager. He also explained, “We’re dedicated to providing clean, safe, and reliable water to our customers. This new main’s larger diameter will be more reliable and provide more capacity for high demand needs such as firefighting.”

The project will replace 4,360 linear feet of eight-inch diameter main with 12-inch main and connect side streets with new 8”main. All the new pipes will be made of ductile-iron which is stronger and more corrosion resistant than the original cast-iron material. Crews will also increase the existing number of hydrants along the construction route from 7 to 11 to enhance fire protection and will install 36 valves to isolate sections of main for future maintenance or repairs.

A total of 39 customers will receive new service connections between the water main and their privately-owned service lines. Those customers will experience short-term service interruptions near the end of the project as their individual services are attached to the new main. They will be notified 24-hours in advance of planned interruptions.

Traffic-flow will be maintained while work is conducted between 7:00am and 5:00pm. Work at busy intersections will be conducted overnight or during early mornings to minimize disruptions. Drivers are asked to use extra caution in construction zones.

Bachtel Excavating of Massillon, was selected to conduct the work which will be complete in July. Final lawn restorations will continue into early fall.

Nutter said that the company will spend more than $65-million across Aqua’s 40 Ohio systems in 2024, approximately $9.1 million of that will be invested in the Stark system. The budget for this project is $2.3 million.