PA Rate Case - 2024

On May 23, 2024, we filed an application to adjust water and wastewater rates to reflect $953 million in capital infrastructure projects we have made since April 2023 and will make through the end of 2025. Our request, Aqua Pennsylvania’s first in nearly three years, allows us to continue our infrastructure work that improves reliability and water quality, enhances customer service, and helps to support our commitment to the communities we serve. This includes replacing approximately 200 miles of aging water main and associated valves and customer service lines throughout about 5,900 miles of distribution system. Aqua has also replaced hundreds of fire hydrants, improving public safety in the communities we serve. The request also supports our response to new regulations that require treatment, like PFAS and replacement of lead service lines, while also defending against cyber-security threats. 

Aqua Pennsylvania’s requested base rate increase requires investigation and approval by the PUC. The rate review process can take up to nine months, which means customers can expect any approved increases to take effect at the end of February, 2025.

To learn more about the filing, you can read the documents below: