Our commitment to delivering safe and reliable water and wastewater services often means working with systems needing solutions to address an array of problems – from reviving a shutdown system to improving the appearance of water running cloudy from the tap.

After bringing a system up-to-date, a key pillar of our operations at Aqua lies in our aggressive capital infrastructure improvement programs that address routine maintenance needs before they turn into more significant, more expensive problems that can leave customers with service outages.

Explore our testimonials below to learn how Aqua has leveraged more than a century of experience – teamed with a staff of dedicated scientists, engineers and treatment operators – to assist local cities and towns and positively impact the communities in which we operate.

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Bourbonnais, Illinois

Hear how Aqua Illinois has impacted the Village of Bourbonnais from its Mayor, Paul Schore.

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Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Hear from Drew Sharkey, former county commissioner of Cheltenham Township on his experiences working with Aqua Pennsylvania.

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Ohio Success Stories

Listen to various municipal leaders discuss their experiences working with Aqua.

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Town Success Stories

Discover the experiences of municipal leaders from multiple states who partnered with Aqua.