We have received a small number of complaints regarding discolored water in a limited area within Sections 1 through 4, and 13 around Treasure Lake. We have identified the cause as naturally occurring iron and manganese in the water. This is common for water sources in Pennsylvania and it does not impact the safety of your water. We apologize for the inconvenience and are taking steps to improve this situation for impacted customers.

As part of our efforts to improve conditions for impacted customers, we will be coordinating a targeted flushing over the next two weeks. There is a possibility that customers, particularly those in sections 23, 25 and 15, may see some short-term discoloration because of the flushing. If you see continued discoloration when flushing is complete, or if you have any other water quality issues or concerns, please contact Aqua at 877.987.2782.

Treasure Lake Sewer Cleaning

An Important Message from Aqua PA President Marc Lucca

Dear Treasure Lake Customer,

Proper operation of sewer pipes requires periodic maintenance to prevent buildup of grease and clogs. I wanted to share with you an important project beginning on February 12th.  Aqua has contracted Wilson Excavating and Utility Construction to perform sewer line cleaning and televising to benefit your community. In short, we’re working to keep your sewer lines clean and functional.

So, what does this mean for you? It allows us to better serve Treasure Lake now and in the future. During the project, not only will the sewer pipes be cleaned, but cameras will be used to identify any issues that need further attention. This allows us to proactively schedule improvements to make sure you have the best possible service for years to come. But, as with most improvements, this work does not come without some disruption. To minimize any inconvenience, the project will be completed in three phases. This gives homeowners a better idea of when they can expect the work in their area.

I encourage you to read the important information below for answers to frequently asked questions and to see potential issues that could come up during the work.

I wanted to thank you for your patience and understanding during this project and all improvement projects in Treasure Lake.


Marc Lucca

President, Aqua Pennsylvania