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Construction Update

UPDATE as of 4.29.24 – Aqua Texas officially broke ground on its $4 million infrastructure improvement project in Woodcreek. The first phase of the project, which is currently underway, will replace 5,000 feet of aging and obsolete water mains in the system. 

Residents will see additional signage and increased construction traffic as crews cut into roadways to replace the water mains. Aqua does not expect any service disruptions during this time.  

Once the project is complete, Aqua will have significantly improved efficiency in delivering water from its wells to customers' homes. 

Additional details on future work will be posted on this website.  

Embarking on a transformative journey toward sustainable water management, Aqua Texas is investing nearly $30 million in infrastructure improvements within Wimberley Valley.

Water loss rates in Hays County are not increasing.
As we navigate the challenges posed by ongoing drought conditions, the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District has implemented emergency restrictions, and Aqua Texas proudly joins hands in supporting and implementing measures to curtail water usage – further emphasizing our commitment to responsible water management.

Because of the emergency drought restrictions and customer conservation practices, less water is flowing through Aqua Texas water mains. As you likely know, there are parts of Aqua Texas’ underground infrastructure that are older and prone to leakage. Our crews are actively identifying and replacing vulnerable sections. It is crucial to note that our current water loss in these vulnerable sections are not losing more water than they did before drought restrictions were enacted.

Measuring water loss versus the amount pumped does not provide an accurate picture of our operations. Make no mistake: We take water loss seriously and are doing everything we can to improve the efficiency of our water mains and we never charge customers any water loss.

Tens of millions of dollars in new water mains and equipment in Woodcreek.
On Feb. 9, new materials and water main pipes were delivered and will be installed as soon as our building permits are approved. This initiative involves replacing more than 25,000 feet of water main. Once Aqua completes these improvements, water loss within our system will be below water industry standards.

Conservation is a top priority for the region.
Our top priority in the Wimberley Valley is to reduce reliance on water used within the Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone. We are deeply committed to aggressive water conservation efforts that will protect Jacob’s Well and provide fresh and reliable drinking water to the community. 

Aqua Texas will construct a $25 million wastewater treatment plant that will become a reliable water source for non-potable uses like irrigation. Recycled water will reduce dependence on freshwater and further our commitment to water preservation.

Wimberley Area Manager
Heading the operations in Wimberley Valley is Joseph McDaniel, a lifelong Texan and second-generation water professional.

Joseph brings 25 years of water and wastewater operation experience and previously worked as a Field Supervisor in our Kerrville and Granbury offices. Joseph is also in his second term on the Water Utility Operator Licensing Advisory Committee of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and is a past member of the Texas Water Development Board. Joseph leads our commitment to water quality, continuous service, and environmental responsibility.

Permitting and Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Dispute
Aqua Texas is still pumping groundwater despite an expiration on our pumping permit. Aqua Texas is a utility regulated by Texas state law, which means we have an obligation to provide customers with continuous and adequate water service. Our water infrastructure in the Wimberley Valley existed before most of the residents and local governments we know today. Demand for clean water happens in real time. Planning water system upgrades and regulation often takes years.

As of February 2024, Aqua Texas has filed a lawsuit against the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conversation District, but the proceedings have paused so our respective negotiating teams can come back to the table.  You can read more about the lawsuit at AquaWater.com/htgcd. Though our permits in the Jacob’s Well Management Zone have been allowed to expire, Aqua Texas has no intention of abandoning our obligation to provide adequate and continuous water service.

New Wells
Aqua Texas has purchased property outside of the Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone that would serve as an alternate source of water for customers in the Wimberley Valley; however, the district is purposefully withholding permits for these new wells. These wells would alleviate the impact on Jacob’s Well.

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