Aqua's Wastewater Services

Over the last 135+ years, Aqua has focused on maintaining the technology to treat your community’s wastewater in compliance with all local, regional and national environmental quality and public health standards. This is not simply a department – this is our entire purpose. We are constantly investing in our infrastructure and technology to ensure that our methods are respectful of the environment and adhere to current and future guidelines and standards set by the national Environmental Protection Agency, as well as state and local regulations.

The Aqua Process

Aqua collects and treats your community’s wastewater and returns it to the environment.

We regularly invest in communities with outdated or distressed wastewater systems. We restore these systems to regulatory standards and assume their responsibility so that all in the community can benefit.

Over time, our continued investment in our territories’ wastewater management leads to healthier communities with continuously updated infrastructure and technology. Your community is our community, too. Our employees not only work there, they live there as well.

Homeowner Responsibilities

Much of the equipment we use to provide water and wastewater services is located beneath the ground. This diagram details what pieces are the homeowner's responsibility and which are Aqua's responsibility.


Reporting Sewer Problems

Please report any sewer issues, such as a sewage backup into your home or on a residential or commercial property, by calling Aqua's Customer Service team at 877.987.2782.

Bill Pay Resources

  • Customer Assistance

    If you are in need of financial assistance to ensure you continue to receive uninterrupted water service, or if you'd like to make a donation to help someone in your community, we're here to help!

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  • Pay Your Wastewater Bill

    There are multiple ways to pay your Aqua water and wastewater bill, including using our e-Billing system, paying in person, by mail, by phone, and so on!

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