What you should know about lead and drinking water.

Lead is not typically found in the streams, reservoirs or wells that serve as water supplies or in the main water lines that carry water from treatment plants to homes. Yet, the chemical properties of water can cause lead and other metals to leach into drinking water. The main source of lead in drinking water is from lead service lines (the pipes that deliver water from water mains in the street and into homes) and from typical household plumbing (lead solder and brass fixtures) that contain lead. Households that have, or suspect having, lead service lines or lead in their household plumbing are strongly encouraged to replace them.

Learn More About Flushing Your Home

If your line was replaced as part of Aqua’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program, please flush your water before use.

To do so, please review and follow these very important instructions to minimize your exposure to metals, such as lead, which might have been stirred up due to the service-line replacement work. Please flush all your faucets using these steps:


Learn More About Water Sampling

If you are requested to collect a water sample for lead & copper analysis, please watch this video for guidance.