Aqua Illinois

Aqua Illinois serves 280,000 people in 14 counties across the Prairie State.

Aqua Illinois delivers quality water and wastewater services by hiring the best people and innovating and replacing aging infrastructure. In fact, Aqua Illinois' mission is protecting and providing earth’s most essential resource.

Today, we are committed to bringing our customers not only water and wastewater services but the safest, most up-to-date technology and infrastructure and the most caring customer service possible.  

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Partnership Spotlight

Hear how Aqua Illinois has impacted the Village of Bourbonnais from its Mayor, Paul Schore.

Illinois Water Systems

Aqua delivers reliable service to Illinois cities and towns, meeting all federal and state regulations.

  • Quality drinking water – Aqua Illinois delivers safe drinking water to customers throughout the state. Aqua performs routine tests on all drinking water to ensure it is safe for customers.
  • Improving infrastructure – Aqua regularly repairs and replaces old water mains, pipes and wells to provide reliable service and quality water.
  • Rates – Aqua’s rates are based on actual cost of service. As a regulated utility, Aqua Illinois water and wastewater rates are set and approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Illinois Wastewater Systems

Aqua Illinois has the technical expertise to offer superior wastewater services, surpassing all local, regional and national environmental quality and public health standards.

  • Safe for people and the environment – Aqua Illinois disinfects wastewater to remove disease causing bacteria. All wastewater leaving Aqua’s plants is treated and safe for all animal and plant life.
  • Quality wastewater – Aqua improves the quality of water dispensed from wastewater treatment plants back into the water system.
  • Proactive environmental approach – Aqua is consistently innovating, ensuring our wastewater treatment methods are respectful of the surrounding environment, and adhere to future state and federal environmental regulations.


Benefits of Working with Aqua

Most Americans have utility services, including gas and electricity, provided by an investor-owned company. Water and wastewater service, however, is typically supplied by municipal or authority-owned systems.

Many municipalities struggle to balance budgets that include a long list of priorities, from water and wastewater infrastructure needs, to schools, police and fire departments, roadways and bridges. For municipalities or authorities, Aqua Illinois can be a partner by integrating water or wastewater systems into Aqua’s existing operations. This gives the municipality an influx of cash to put toward other priorities and alleviates the burden of maintaining their own water and wastewater systems.

In addition, fair market valuation legislation in Illinois allows companies like Aqua to pay a fair market amount for municipal water and wastewater systems. This benefits local governments, customers and the environment. Before the passage of this legislation, utilities were often limited to including only the original depreciated cost into their rate base, which became a regulatory barrier to a sale.

Aqua Illinois by the Numbers

13 Wastewater Treatment Facilities
30 Public Water Systems (PWSIDS)
96 Employees
48 Water Wells
13 Water Treatment Facilities
69k Water Connections
24k Wastewater Connections
277k People Served
1535 Miles of Main

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